Alpine ST3000 Vending Machine

Alpine ST3000 Vending Machine

The Alpine ST3000 glass front snack merchandiser incorporates all the proven features you expect in a new design and includes additions that increase the value for choosing USI.

  • Optional touch screen interface
  • Full color 7” LCD screen replaces traditional keypad & display
  • Attractive interface styling panel option
  • Standard peripheral opening for additional payment or POS systems
  • Standard lighted keypad with Braille identification
  • Fully integrated controller with sales and accounting features: Price setting by selection row or machine
  • Free vend and Combo vend modes
  • Flexible space to selection setting
  • Time of day discounting
  • Time of day shutdown modes for energy savings and controlled vend times
  • Programmable point of sale messages
  • Programmable coupon and token values
  • Weight: 725 LBS
  • Dimensions: Height 72” Width 29.5” Depth 38”
  • Electrical: 115 VAC/60 HZ 7.0 AMPS

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