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Toronto Vending Services by Pari Vending

Pari Vending is a family owned business servicing the Greater Toronto Area.

We specialize in providing free of charge, energy efficient vending machines to Retirement Homes, Condo/Apartment, Lobbies, 24 hr factories/warehouses, Hospitals, Manufacturing Companie,s Car Dealerships, Laundromats, Private Schools, Gyms/fitness Centres & Office Buildings alike.

It’s not quite time for lunch and it is way past breakfast time, but your stomach is growling for some food to feed on. You don’t want to eat something too hearty so you don’t have room for lunch, but you also don’t want to skimp out on your hunger. So, why not get a quick, delicious snack from your office break room! Clark Food Services provides a variety of different vending machines for you and your office to enjoy a little snack when needed!

Our full line vending service offers an array of snacks and treats that are the perfect portions to satisfy those minor cravings. Whether you want a candy bar for a small dessert or you would like a small bag of chips to munch on, you can count on our vending service to deliver these options to you. Our full line vending services not only provide you with these snack machines, but we take it one step further to make sure these machines are fully in stock and installed on the same day you receive them. We even administer weekly maintenance to make sure that the equipment is functioning properly.

Our company offers a wide range of new snack, beverage and combo vending machines ranging from 31″ to 39″ in size. Limited space or wide open floor plan, we have a machine to fit your location. Our wide selection of healthy and traditional vending products will satisfy those looking for fiber, protein, an energy boost or just something sweet.

Our mission is to be in venues you frequent and provide you with affordably priced, traditional and trending snack and beverage options, reliable machinery and the highest quality customer service.

What makes us special and different from our competitors is the diverse package of monthly promotions and events we offer to our clients. If you want to find out more about our unique vending company or would like us to visit your facility; please email us. We offer a 60-day free trial with no strings attached. From our snacks to our office beverages, you can count on us for expedite and reliable delivery services. Contact us today!

Benefits of Our Services 

  • No charge for any equipment
  • No charge for delivery or installation.
  • We will supply you the equipment needed art no charge. we will service, maintain and restock at no charge to you.
  • 24HR service if machines go down.
  • Remotely monitor sales in every machine.
  • Cashless payment system (Debit, Credit Card, Mobile Apple Pay)

We offer complete, state of the art vending services at competitive prices. All our drivers are bonded, insured, and covered by WSIB. 

  • Office Coffee Services
  • Healthy Vending Services
  • New and used vending equipment
  • Ice and Water coolers rentals and More

Why Choose Us 

  • Free Installation Services
  • Member of CAMA (Canadian Automatic Merchandising Association)
  • Licensed and Insured

We offer a 60-day free trial with no strings attached. If you are interested in receiving more information or you would like me to visit your facility, please fill out the information on the Contact Us page or call me directly at (647) 875-8765.

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